French Macaroons for Christmas

What are you going to cook for Christmas this year?

Every year you ask yourself, what am I going to cook for Christmas? And what am I going to serve for dessert on Christmas eve? It is a simple question but it does not have an easy answer. There are literally hundreds of choices that you have available to you when it comes to Christmas dishes. However, the trouble is to decide which ones are going to create the perfect menu. Then, there is the issue of what your guests would want to have on Christmas. Would they be looking for a traditional Christmas dinner or would they like trying the new recipe that you are eyeing up to serve this Christmas Eve?  

Creating the Perfect Christmas Menu

Putting together a Christmas menu might be the most challenging thing you would be required to do this festive season. Having to decide what to include and what to leave out from the menu all the while keeping in mind the wishes of your guests isn’t easy. However, it isn’t impossible. The following are some suggestions for creating the perfect Christmas menu. 

Chicken Liver Pate as Starter

Your Christmas dinner should always have a good starter to get the guests in the mood for the feast ahead. It is a good idea to keep it light though and the Chicken Liver Pate is exactly that. Chicken liver isn’t only delicious but it not that heavy either so these pates would prove to be the perfect choice for your Christmas dinner menu. Moreover, it does not take much time to cook and can even be prepared before hand to save up on time.

Rare Beef with Mustard Yorkshire as the Main Course

As for the main course, it would be best to go the traditional route and serve up roast beef. However, if you want to make it extra special then pairing it up with mustard Yorkshire is a great idea. You will need to work quickly though if you want to get this dish ready in time. Having a prep time of about 1 hour and actual cooking time of  about 2 and a half hours, this dish isn’t that easy to prepare. However, if made correctly, your guests are surely going to love having the roast beef with these Yorkshires. Be ready for requests of a lot of refills!


Honey-Roast Carrots and Chunky Roast Potatoes as Side Dishes

No Christmas menu would be complete without the right side dishes to compliment the main course. If you are serving the rare beef with mustard Yorkshires then our suggestion for the side dishes would be chunky roast potatoes and honey-roast carrots. Not only do both these side dishes keep the roast theme alive but offer excellent counter taste to the beef too. Your guests are surely going to love the balance of your Christmas menu if you do end up serving these two side dishes along with your rare beef main course.   

French Macaroons for Dessert

You could do something completely different this Christmas, and serve French macaroons at the end of your Christmas dinner. French macaroons are light and classy and can prove to be the perfect dessert after a hefty dinner. That sounds like a good idea, but where can you get French macaroons? How to order macaroons on the internet or commander des macarons sur Internet as the French would say? 

When it comes to French macaroons, there is one place we’d like to recommend, and that is the Saveur du Jour website. They provide a huge variety of artisan macaroons, baked by a renowned chef, and their macaroons are so yummy! Customers in the UK or the US can go on, while French customers will connect to the French version on

How About Doing Christmas Shopping Online? 

Once you have sorted out dinner plans, you will have to think about Christmas presents for friends and family. Of course, you go shopping on the streets. After all, it is the best way for you to get into the Christmas spirit. Seeing the beautiful decorations hanging from trees on sidewalks, the sight of the snow falling around the immaculately lit houses, you get to see it all when doing Christmas shopping from the street shops. However, what if you buck this trend this time and instead watch out for your wallet. You can get amazing discounts on Christmas presents if you shop for them on the internet. Click here if you would rather order your presents online and have them delivered right to your door.



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