Tips for the Perfect DIY Ornaments

DIY projects are making a come back!

A lot of people have gotten accustomed to having hired help do things for them around their homes as well as opting to buy mostly consumables from retailers. This trend however, is slowly being done away with as more and more people are going back to the old ways of doing and making things around their homes all on their own.

This wave has slowly been spreading largely due to the huge number of TV programs as well as material found online that touch on the topic of DIY (do it yourself). For the most part, it may take getting used to but once you have a few things down, you could take on pretty much any kind of project around your home which you’d normally have to hire people to do for you. Here we’ll take a look at one of the most popular DIY projects that has gained quite a massive audience over the years, making your own ornaments.

Ornaments - the perfect DIY project

Many if not all of us, may appreciate the value of a good ornament around the house. They add color and spice to some of what you’d normally consider plain looking parts around the house. Ornaments donned on our bodies also help brighten up our looks and add a touch of uniqueness about our wardrobe, though a lot of people still go for professional designs, people should be aware they can create their own unique designs. Some independent designs have gone on to become quite popular and as such, even you can register your design and maybe earn a little profit from that little DIY project.

Some Ornaments to consider in your DIY projects

Getting right to it, let’s take a look at some of the ornament ideas you can consider and a little on how to make them:

1.    Paper-Ball Ornaments

These are quite simple to make and require very little investment. When you have kids around, there’s bound to be lots of paper lying around the house and this is the perfect way to make use of them. The best thing about paper is that you can glue and tape it in any shape you want so don’t restrict yourself from making them in other shapes. Once you have a shape selected, you can spice it up with coloring, glitter and even ribbons.

2.    Create a unique wreath

Wreaths are a common décor piece during most festive holidays but here’s a way to make them look even better. It requires little investment time-wise and moneywise since all you need is some glue, a whole bunch of bows of varying colors and a Styrofoam wreath. The color arrangement can be done as you see fit and all this process entails is gluing the bows around the Styrofoam wreath to create a totally new look! It is as easy as it sounds so go ahead and give it a try.

3.    Salt dough ornaments

Since its inception, salt dough ornament ideas have gone on to inspire a lot of different designs as well as maintaining a creative freedom that many people appreciate about it. The process is a bit more involving than other DIY projects but all in all worthwhile none the less. It begins by making the dough by mixing flour, salt and water and kneading the mixture to a firm and desirable texture. The dough is then rolled out and you can then cut out the dough in the shapes you want the ornaments to be in. After this, bake the cut out dough in a preheated oven for around half an hour or so and let them cool afterwards. Once cooled you can get to working on them by painting them, gluing and dusting some glitter or ribbons or whatever else you’d want to do with them.

Some new innovative persons have changed up the recipe to introduce ingredients like cinnamon which will radiate a great fragrance around the house when you put up the ornaments.

4.    Victorian crafts

Traditional victorian christmas crafts remain a popular choice of décor for the holiday season. That being said, not many people are aware that with a little creativity, you can manage to create them all on your own. From stuff like Christmas cards which require some good quality paper and a little artistic inspiration to creating tree ornaments and mistletoe balls to further spice up the holiday décor. Check out a few of the sites that have a more comprehensive guide on making these crafts.


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