French Macaroons for Christmas

What are you going to cook for Christmas this year?

Every year you ask yourself, what am I going to cook for Christmas? And what am I going to serve for dessert on Christmas eve? It is a simple question but it does not have an easy answer. There are literally hundreds of choices that you have available to you when it comes to Christmas dishes. However, the trouble is to decide which ones are going to create the perfect menu. Then, there is the issue of what your guests would want to have on Christmas. Would they be looking for a traditional Christmas dinner or would they like trying the new recipe that you are eyeing up to serve this Christmas Eve?  

Creating the Perfect Christmas Menu

Putting together a Christmas menu might be the most challenging thing you would be required to do this festive season. Having to decide what to include and what to leave out from the menu all the while keeping in mind the wishes of your guests isn’t easy. However, it isn’t impossible. The following are some suggestions for creating the perfect Christmas menu.  Read More...

Bespoke jewellery designs and custom made gifts

Personalize your presents!

The true meaning of gifts is to show someone how much you appreciate them. They are a tangible proof of your love. There is so much more to a gift than the material object itself, and people can easily appreciate that. Buying a present for someone involves, time, effort, dedication and thought. Those are ways to show how truly you love friends, family members, significant others, how much you appreaciate colleagues or coworkers, employees and customers... That's the magic of presents.

Of course, not all gifts show the same dedication and the same thought. Standard presents and off-the-shelf items are meaningfu, no doubt, but truth is there is nothing more powerful than a special item that shows you've gone the extra mile to cheer someone else.  Read More...

Engagement rings are the ulitmate way to say 'I love you'

The most important gift

If you love her, you almost surely give her things you think she likes. The more time you spend with her, the longer you've been together, the more you know about her. You become familiar with what makes her smile, with what she longs for. You know what she looks at, when she stops to take a look at a window in a shop. The more you know her, the more chances you have to give her something she will adore.

A great part of loving someone is to want to make her smile every day. You will rejoice to see her happy, especially if the one who caused that happiness was you. These relationships are made stronger with the exchange of gifts and other shows of appreciation and love. You take her out to dinner, you go with her where she likes to go, and share with her experiences that make her cheer. Buying her presents or making them yourself is one of the best ways to connect with them, further build up to your relationship, and demonstrate to her how important she is for you. Read More...

Christmas Jewellery and Engagement Rings In London

The holidays are here; the perfect time to catch up with family over dinner as laughter fills up cozy homes. The holidays, apart from the cheer, brings with it the thrill of gift giving. Many people experience the dread that comes with wondering which the best gift would be. If you are out of ideas, well, here is one for you; jewellery. Yes, you can gift jewellery on Christmas!

Jewellery Ideas for Christmas

Like all other Christmas gifts, picking the right jewellery will require a little forward thinking. You may need to know a little more about the person you are gifting so as to pick the perfect piece. A good place to start is to study her. For example, does she wear hoop, drop or stud earrings? Are her jewelry made of gold, silver, titanium or what metal? What gemstone does she like most? Does she like big and bold or fine, delicate, simple and elegant? Does he like bold statement watches or simple but elegant pieces? Well, you will be surprised at what a little study will reveal. Read More...

Tips for the Perfect DIY Ornaments

DIY projects are making a come back!

A lot of people have gotten accustomed to having hired help do things for them around their homes as well as opting to buy mostly consumables from retailers. This trend however, is slowly being done away with as more and more people are going back to the old ways of doing and making things around their homes all on their own.

This wave has slowly been spreading largely due to the huge number of TV programs as well as material found online that touch on the topic of DIY (do it yourself). For the most part, it may take getting used to but once you have a few things down, you could take on pretty much any kind of project around your home which you’d normally have to hire people to do for you. Here we’ll take a look at one of the most popular DIY projects that has gained quite a massive audience over the years, making your own ornaments.

Ornaments - the perfect DIY project

Many if not all of us, may appreciate the value of a good ornament around the house. They add color and spice to some of what you’d normally consider plain looking parts around the house. Ornaments donned on our bodies also help brighten up our looks and add a touch of uniqueness about our wardrobe, though a lot of people still go for professional designs, people should be aware they can create their own unique designs. Some independent designs have gone on to become quite popular and as such, even you can register your design and maybe earn a little profit from that little DIY project. Read More...

5 actvities for petrolhead heading to Modena

Italy by car?

What’s the purpose of loving cars, you may ask, without the least bit of an aspiration to hop on your favourite one and drive across new lands? With so many interesting places right behind the sea, an European tour sounds almost natural for any petrolhead that praises as such in the United Kingdom. Certainly, the experience of driving around Europe, taking some days to hit the road and see so many different places and meet people, is something you should never skip. At least once in your life you need to do it, so you can experience the possibilities of driving, even the life-changing power of a car, more than any other way in the world.

So where to go? Car lovers will definitively include Italy in their top list of priorities, because man, do the Italian people know how to buld a car. Italian family names are all around the place when it comes to quality engines and breathtaking designs. Race cars, sportscars, luxury cars, and all the good choices you can make, are likely to have an Italian name stamped over it. So you definitively want to visit Italy on your trip to Europe. And if you are a race car enthusiast, you have for sure heard of Modena, the cradle of Ferrari. So here is a list of places you can visit to please your taste. Head to Modena, spend a couple days there, and don’t forget to check out these spots that are listed below. You wouldn’t forgive yourself if you missed at least one of them! Read More...


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